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(Junior class 2005)

Wrought iron fabricated structure; 12ft. octagon, 10ft. high. Basic material is 1 inch sq. tubing and flat strip. Can be assembled or disassembled in 20 minutes, no tools required. Fabricated - April 2005, primarily by junior class members: Dominic Dejesus, Melvin Johnson, Clarence Manson & Kevin Smaller.

SkillsUSA Winners (VICA)


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Best projects from 2002


Project Guide / Plan / Check List

1. Idea - concept, practical, feasible.

2. Develop plans, detailed drawings.

3. Job cost - material, labor, overhead.

4. Permission, authorization.authorization


proof of authorization: permission, consent, leave, sanction, license, dispensation, clearance; assent, agreement, approval, endorsement; authority, right, power, mandate; informal the go-ahead, the nod, the thumbs up, the OK, the green light. ANTONYMS refusal.

5. Accumulate materials.

6. Setup equipment, welding process.

7. Parts - measure, cut, drill, punch, notch, bend, roll, twist, scroll, deburr, grind, bevel, clean.

8. Fit, tack, check tolerances, weld to procedure specification.

9. Post treat, chip, brush, grind.

10. Inspect for defects, distortion, tolerance.

11. Finish, clean, paint, attach hardware, assemble.

12. Quality check. Safety / Performance, Operational check.

13. Restow / return equipment, tools, supplies. Clean up and check area.

14. Complete paper work.

15. Present / display project.

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