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A critical key to answering this question "how to become a masterwelder" may be to identify and interview several Master Welders. Often, someone with a " profile title " may relish and invite recognition; what better way for them to accomplish this than by personally sharing their experiences with someone on an individual one on one basis.. There are many listed on the internet between facebook, myspace, youtube, personal and company web pages, and the like.

However, I have found that the term Master Welder is used more extensively by the artist type; those who create, fabricate, the sculpturer, the metal artist, motor cyclesist, retrorer, antique cars and artifacts, and literally the garage hobbiest. I would not question their artistic and creative ability. Many of them are extremely skillful, talanted and gifted. However, I may be inclined to critically examine their comprehensive welding ability. Someone, in their spare time, can pick up a mini-mig from Kmart, tack together a collection of nuts, bolts, warshers & cut nails; and behold "the master welder ."

I would advise you to interview as many as necessary until you develop a consistent picture of how to became a master welder or even what is a master welder. I am sure each interview will have a different approach as to the definition of a master welder and the path they followed or the method they used to become one.

I would avoid second hand information which is most often inaccurate, sometimes deliberately misleading, deceptive and in some cases even reckless. Most sites on the internet are for profit and will say anything or just tell you what they think you want to hear. I would advise you to go directly to the source, not an e-version of the source.

There are many profiles already posted in the way of resume's, bios, personal stories and the like that may help you construct a picture of how to become a master welder, or yet what is a master welder.

If you really want to know the truth then this is unequivocally your best source.



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