Welding 4 Dummies

Newbies, Wantabies & Welderbees

Welding for Beginners

 What is Welding?
What is a Weld?

What is Metal? *

Who was the first Welder?

What is Welding used for?

How many types of Welding are there?

Is Welding a Trade?

Where can you learn to Weld?

Is Welding easy or difficult to learn?

How long does it take to learn Welding?

Can you teach yourself to Weld? GasWelder

Do Welders go blind?

Do welders suffer respiratory problems?

Do Welders get electrocuted, incinerated, blown up or crushed by falling chunks of hot steel?

Do Welders fall off of tall structures or start catastrophic fires that they can't put out?

Is Welding Safe?

What is a certified welder?

What is a master welder?


Certified ??? * * *

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